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UK Passport/Non UK Passport/Visa/ID

£20 Per UK Passport/Non UK Passport/Visa/ID

  • All current required standards met
  • Approximately 20-30 minutes in the studio
  • Photos printed, cut & ready to submit, or digital image files emailed or saved to your USB stick
  • Experience in producing regulatory prints for UK/US/Canada/India/Various EU/Australia and many other nations
  • IMPORTANT: At this time we are unable to produce passport photos for young chidren under the age of 1 year
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UK passport photos, £20 per printed set of images.
* Non UK passport / visa photos, £20 per printed set of images.

Digital passport photos, £20 per digital image, supplied ready for easy upload and submission online.

For customers seeking passport / visa / id photographs that conform to all required standards (but without the headache!)

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With the current regulations governing precisely how a passport photograph must be presented being as stringent as they are, it comes as little surprise that many people now roll their eyes at the prospect of getting their passport photos captured themselves.

Exacting standards such as a dimension of 45mm x 35mm, adult face from chin to crown of head not to exceed 34mm, no less thn 29mm, children no less than 21mm, colour only, light uniform coloured background, free from shadows, no smiling...right!!!, as if there was anything to smile about ☺

Stop the struggle, Call today on 01444 455354 / 07956 699624


• Studio based with studio lighting and backdrop to ensure consistent, uniformly coloured, shadowless background
• Eyes open, visible and red eye free
• Face focused and clear
• Face and shoulders centred
• Joke free zone for the duration to avoid smiling
• All required standards met, your photos will be acceptable for their intended use


Mid Sussex Photography
Professional Passport Photography

  • “Thanks Lee for making the whole process of getting the kids passport photos so easy! It was time, effort and money very well spent, it’s a relief to know the photos submitted conform to the current requirements. Thanks again, see you next time one of our passports needs renewing :-)”



Mid Sussex Photography
Professional Passport Photographer Sussex
Sample Passport Photography Images

(Not really! Nobody wants their passport photos displayed online right! But here are some portrait photo examples to hopefully add a little colour to your day.)

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